Our Services

Praetas Technologies offers literally thousands of services.  Since we deal with just about anything IT, computer, electronics or gaming-related, we can sell, install, configure, repair, and train on a seemingly endless array of electronics equipment.

Below are a few of our most common services with descriptions, but as always, if you dont see it listed below call us at (561) 223-2177 with any questions, or for more information.

Custom PCs & Upgrades

We custom build water-cooled gaming PCs, slim towers, workstations, servers, HTPCs, and just about any other form factor you can think of, or we can upgrade your existing system!

We build with name brand, high end parts, and use SSDs (solid state drives) almost exclusively instead of slow, failure-prone HDDs (hard disk drives).

Our Praetas Custom PCs come with a 3-year limited warranty, and we service and support our computers locally. When you buy from us, you’re buying the best!

Virus Removal & Security

Computers, especially PCs, are prone to infections now more than ever.  Viruses and Ransomware are becoming more sophisticated as criminals find more lucrative ways to bilk money from victims, either through identify theft or data ransom.

We can remove almost any infection while preserving your data and OS, and can then protect your system with our recommended security software – Kaspersky Internet Security – which is routinely recommended as one of the top security suites on the market.

Data Recovery

Many of us go about our day assuming the technology we rely on will work forever without issue, but unfortunately that isn’t always the case.

Files can get corrupted or overwritten, and storage drives can fail, locking your information inside.

We offer several data recovery services including recovery from hard drives, flash drives, and mobile and tablet devices – basically anything that stores data.

Data recovery Prices are available upon request.

TV, A/V & Mounting Services

In addition to our computer services, we also perform wiring and TV mounting for homes and businesses.

We sell, install, configure and train you on how to use your new TV, can connect your Desktop or laptop to it, enable SmartTV features such as Netflix, HULU, Pandora, YouTube and more!

We also highly recommend, sell and configure Logitech’s line of Harmony universal, color touch-screen remote controls.  They are designed to eliminate up to 10 device remotes and replace them with easy to understand activities – such as “Watch TV”, “Play XBox”, “Watch a DVD” and more!

Want a whole-home music system without the headach of wiring?  Ask us about a SONOS system!

Let us support you from A-to-Z with your new TV or Audio / Video purchase, installation and training!

Server & Email Support

Are you a business with your own in-house Exchange Server?  Are you tired of all the spam you’re getting, the costly maintenance, anti-virus software renewals, and neverending IT support to keep it running?

Do you have a home business or your own domain name and are tired of all of your devices – home PC, laptop, smartphone, tablet, etc. all having different sets of emails, or having to rememeber which device you sent an email from?

Would you like everything to be completely synchronized – all your email, contacts and calendars?

We can make that happen with Hosted Exchange through Microsoft’s Office 365 or Google Apps, which are a fraction of the cost of having your own server, reduce spam by 99%, and will increase your efficiency ten fold!

Search Engine Optimization

One of our other popular services for businesses is Do-It-Yourself SEO training.

We will sit down with you and help you get your Business Places pages setup on the major search engines, help you keyword-optimize your website, and then help you setup a Google AdWords Express account should you want to pursue new leads with pay-per-click advertising.

We can also help you setup Google Analytics to see demographics and number of visitors.

The goal is to teach you how to setup and maintain your own SEO, and not be tethered to an SEO company to provide your performance analytics and make changes.

You are in the driver’s seat and should control where your business is headed!