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A quality product backed by the company you trust.

When you go through a big box brand like Dell, HP or Lenovo and you eventually have an issue with your Workstation they are either unwilling to help because you are out of warranty or they want you to be without your computer for weeks to repair it. Praetas offers workstations that are built to specifically meet your businesses needs with upgradability in mind. Each Workstation is hand built by our local team so you can feel confident in your purchase by working directly with the people who made the computer instead of someone in another country.

All of our Workstation builds come with a 3-Year Praetas Limited Warranty, meaning you work with us, a local company for repair issues and there is no need to ship out your computer, and be without it and your data for weeks!

We can also setup dual, tri, quad or more multi-monitor configurations to match your computer’s new performance, and to maximize your efficiency!

Need something unique?

During our quoting process we ask you the most important questions that most people wouldn't even think of. You can rest assured that Praetas has thought of everything to make sure you are covered.

We have experience building all sorts of computers ranging from Workstations, Graphic Design Computers, CAD machines, Servers and more.

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