Cellular Amplification

Anthony CelFi 2 SMALER 2

Praetas can fix deadzones, bad cell reception and more!

Praetas offers the best solutions for addressing poor cellular coverage in homes and businesses.

We provide, install and configure cellular coverage solutions inside structures in Palm Beach County, where the service outside is otherwise useable. This is not Wi-Fi calling- this is amplified cellular service. As such, calls will not drop when arriving or leaving since you'll maintain cellular connectivity.

Our cell amplification solutions eliminate dead zones and offer the versatility and scalability to support a wide range of applications.

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The best solution for cellular coverage.

CEL-FI offers the most powerful solutions. Period. While many manufacturers focus on multi-carrier solutions, CEL-FI focuses on single-carrier solutions for businesses and scalable multi-carrier solutions for Enterprise that offer the highest gain at 100 dB and up to 1000x the power. With their CEL-FI WAVE app, for remote monitoring and management, you can feel confident in your cellular coverage.

You don't need to feel overwhelmed by new technology either! Praetas offers training for the app when we setup the equipment, and continued support long after the install!

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