Conference Rooms


Clean and smart setups for an organized meeting.

Conference rooms are more than just a place to sit with your colleagues. From integral internal meetings to closing key accounts, much of your business' success will revolve around the work that gets done in a conference room. But the way we use conference rooms has changed. So much of modern business is now digital. Employees are no longer bound by their physical location when it comes to collaboration and communication. Just as employees and employers have had to adapt to the digitalization of the contemporary business landscape, so too has the conference room.

When looking to build a new office, it is best to think about investing in your conference room. Having a proper conference room is a key feature, and imperative to holding successful meetings and hosting guests. There are multiple uses for a conference room and making sure that everything is up to date is imperative in a business’s success.

Video Conference Systems

- Yealink, Polycom, Logitech Videobars w/ wireless mic options,  Conference Room NUC/PC

Conference Room Audio

- Ceiling Speakers, Soundbars, Table Mics & Ceiling Mics

The Table

- Data Connections, Power, Phone/Conference Phone

Conference room setup: From AV to layout

Now that you know what your conference room needs to enable powerful presentations, pitches, and brainstorming sessions, the next focus should be on what conference room setup will best create an environment that fosters creativity and collaboration.

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