Data Recovery & Transfers

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Praetas can help you recover data from a failing drive and transfer your data to a new computer.

Our techs are equipped with state of the art data recovery tools and can recover data from drives that even no longer appear within Windows!

Rest assured that your data is safe and secure with us, Once your data is saved, it is protected by a strict chain of command, and we don't keep any of your data once it's back in your hands.

Logical Drive failures

Some times you can accidently delete something that wasn't supposed to be deleted or your drive suddenly doesn't appear when you plug it in anymore.

Issues like this are called logical drive failures and are usually much easier to recover data that a physical failure.

Praetas can recover lost partitions, deleted items or corrupted data using a combination of industry leading data recovery tools. Call us now to secure your data (561) 223-2177 

Physical Drive failures

You may have dropped your drive or it just started making a clicking sound, indicating that a physical piece in the drive is broken. This is called a phyiscal drive failure.

In situations like this you will need to have an experienced data recovery specialist disassemble the drive in a clean room and repair the broken drive.

Call us now to secure your data (561) 223-2177