Email Hosting


Managed Email Hosting Services at Praetas.

At Praetas, we leverage our expertise as a Managed Service Provider (MSP) to deliver top-tier email hosting services that are integral to the modern business environment. We specialize in streamlining communication channels and enhancing productivity through comprehensive email solutions, particularly with Office 365 integration.

Customized Email Hosting for Enhanced Business Identity

Your business communication is a direct reflection of your brand. With Praetas’ email hosting services, you gain:


  • Brand-Centric Email Addresses: Boost your brand's professional appeal with custom email addresses using your business domain (e.g.,


  • Generous Storage Solutions: Avoid the hassle of limited mailbox space with our expansive storage options, keeping your essential communications and attachments within reach.


  • Impermeable Security Measures: Our robust spam and virus protection safeguards your inbox, ensuring a secure and uninterrupted email experience.


  • Universal Accessibility: With our synchronized services, your emails will seamlessly update across all devices, from desktops to mobiles, ensuring constant connectivity.


  • Office 365 Migration and Centralization by Praetas
    As your (MSP) Managed Service Provider, Praetas goes beyond traditional email hosting. We facilitate a smooth transition to Office 365, centralizing your email management and user directory services with efficiency and ease.


  • Seamless Office 365 Integration: Embrace the full suite of Office 365 applications with our managed migration services, simplifying your transition to a centralized cloud-based platform.


  • Active Directory Synchronization: Ensuring consistent user credentials across your network with real-time Active Directory synchronization, streamlining the user experience.


  • Advanced Azure AD Capabilities: We utilize Azure Active Directory for reliable multi-factor authentication, single sign-on, and comprehensive identity management.


  • Centralized Administration: Let Praetas manage user access, permissions, and security settings effortlessly, all from one unified admin portal.


  • Downtime Minimization: Our commitment to high-availability infrastructure guarantees that your email services are operational when you need them, ensuring business continuity.