Network Infrastructure

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What is Network Infrastructure?

You might not know it, but network infrastructure is an essential part of everyday life. Most people use some form of network infrastructure every day, from your internet connected devices, to routers, firewalls, switches and wireless access points. Whether you’re using Wi-Fi for remote work or data on a smartphone, network infrastructure is the cornerstone of these connections.

Networking can be intimidating and most people want a system that is plug and play, the problem with a system like that is they are hard to troubleshoot issues on, they don't provide coverage to your entire business and you aren't protected on the internet.

Praetas recommends brands like Ubiquiti, Meraki for all of your networking needs, Once installed these intelligent systems hand off your Wi-Fi connection from one access point (AP) to another and if any issues arise our certified IT techs cant remotely troubleshoot your network.

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How do I setup proper Network Infrastructure for my business?

Creating a robust network infrastructure involves a combination of hardware and software components that usually need to be devoloped, planned out and assembled by an IT company such as Praetas. These work together to enhance reliability, security, and performance allowing your business to have fewer problems and better productivity.

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