Server Management

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Professional server management

Various types of servers are essential in today’s digital world, acting as the internet’s backbone and allowing businesses to store, process, and distribute data. A server is a computer system that provides services or resources to other network devices such as computers, smartphones, and IoT devices.

Proprietary software hosting

Most businesses need a server to host their software that is unique to their business. Praetas specializes in setting up the hardware and software for these servers. Examples include QuickBooks and Sage that most businesses use for accounting, Medisoft, Dentrix, Dexis and SoftDent for Dental Practices, EMR digital record platforms for Medical, PCLaw, Timeslips, Leap, ProDoc, Amicus, and Aderant for law firms.

  • Dental: Dentrix, Dexis, and SoftDent
  • Medical: Medisoft, EMR
  • Law Firms: PCLaw, TimeSlips, Leap, ProDoc, Amicus, and Aderant
  • Tax Preparers: TaxAct, TaxSlayer, and ProTaxPro
  • Title Companys: SnapClose and Display Soft

The nature of proprietary software is that when it has issues you have to call the software company when you need that time to be running your business. We are well versed in these types of situations and can work with the software company on your behalf to resolve the issue.

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