Computer Support & Repair

Jacob Computer Repair 2

Praetas can fix any computer issue ranging from software to hardware.

For residential customers, we offer in-home, on-site support for all of your computer, network and consumer electronics needs. Anything from computer, printer or network setup, Operating System, SSD & RAM upgrades, in-home training, tutorials and MORE!

Don't want to come in? Don't worry, we've got you covered!

Most software related issues can be solved remotely from the comfort of your home. For our certified technicians to remorely connect to your PC or Mac, just give our team a call at (561) 223-2177

From there you can describe the issue to us and we will get right to work! We aren't like other IT companies that keep you on the phone the entire time. Once we start troubleshooting the issue, if you have other things to do, we are happy to work on the issue and then give you a call back once we're finished.