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Cameras are everywhere, and we help put them there!

Praetas performs various types of analog (coaxial, RG-59/BNC), and digital (IP-based) camera system installations for both residential and commercial customers, including both indoor and outdoor cameras, using wired and wireless technologies.

We use the highest quality cameras and recording systems, offering high capacity surveillance-grade hard drives, and our systems are capable of being monitored on-site, off-site, from your computer, and on any mobile device.

Turing AI, Uniview and Ring Partners

Turing is a smart AI powered security system that allows you to search the camera footage using Face Search, Clothing type/color, and Vehicle type/color. Turing also has many useful features like intelligent notifications about the person detected and their clothing.

Praetas is partnered with Turing which means we specialize in installing and continued support of Turing products.

Praetas is also partnered with Uniview which is a brand of network security cameras with a focus on delivering quality security cameras at an affordable price. Uniview’s focus on research, development, and understanding customer feedback has led to a camera system which is easy to install and configure.

We also install all of the latest Wi-Fi connected, app-controlled cameras, such as the Ring Doorbell and a array of Ring cameras, Netgear Arlo, and Google Nest. Sometimes this is the best or most cost effective solution.

For a free on-site evaluation and to discuss your camera needs and pricing, call our office at

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