Wi-Fi Systems

Donnell Testing A Network

Wi-Fi is the most important technology you forget to consider

If you’re reading this, you have a problem.  A wireless problem.

Your wireless simply doesn’t cut it. Your router is on the wrong side of the house, repeaters don’t work, TVs are always buffering, you have multiple wireless networks to pick from. It’s just not good.

More and more people find it is now necessary to have full wireless coverage in their homes and businesses to fuel the internet connection many devices in our daily lives now demand. Not only on the inside, but also on the exterior for outdoor living, automation and wirelessly-connected devices. This requires a wired, wireless system.

The Best Wi-Fi Mesh Network System.

Networking can be intimidating and most people want a system that is plug and play, the problem with a system like that is they are hard to troubleshoot issues on, they don't provide coverage to your entire house and you aren't protected on the internet.

Praetas recommends Ubiquiti for all of your networking needs, Once installed this intelligent system hands off your Wi-Fi connection from one access point (AP) to another and if any issues arise our certified IT techs cant remotely troubleshoot your network.

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