Custom PCs & Laptops / Multi-Monitor Setups

Let Praetas build your next super-fast Desktop PC, Laptop, Gaming, CAD or VR PC, Server or workstation!  All of our Praetas Custom PCs are built with name brand parts, such as Intel CPUs, ASUS, MSI and Gigabyte Motherboards, Crucial and TEAM high-speed RAM, Samsung, Kingston, Crucial and PNY Solid State Drives, NVIDIA graphics cards, and Western Digital Hard Drives.

Although our Custom PCs seldom have issues, our Desktop builds also come with a 3-Year Praetas Part Warranty, meaning you work with us, a local company for repair issues and there is no need to ship out your computer, and be without it and your data for weeks!

Custom build prices start at $500 + tax, and we can install your choice of Windows and programs!  (Praetas recommends Windows 10 for the best compatibility with current hardware).

In addition to Custom PCs, we can upgrade your new or existing Desktop or Laptop with a super-fast Solid State Drive (SSD), which is 10-50x faster than traditional mechanical hard drives (HDDs), or replace your low-on-space mechanical HDD with a much larger one.  No matter which medium you prefer, we can clone your old drive to the new one so it’s identical to what you are used to – no reinstallations required. It’s essentially your old data on a new, better performing or larger capacity drive!

Lastly, we can also setup dual, tri, quad or more multi-monitor configurations!

If you can dream it, we can build it!  Complete one of our Desktop or Laptop configuration questionnaires below to get things started!

Custom PCs for Kids

Praetas special programs designed around making your child’s new Custom PC an exciting and educational experience.  From helping them plan out their computer’s specs (with of course the parents budget in mind), to having them come and assist with assembly, we make it fun and enable them to feel like they helped build something they’ll cherish for years, and bring it to life.

If you are a minor (with your parent’s permission), or know a child who wants a new Custom PC, check out our Custom PCs for Kids page HERE for more information.