Camera Systems and Surveillance

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Praetas performs various types of analog (coaxial, RG-59/BNC), and digital (IP-based) camera system installations for both residential and commercial customers, including both indoor and outdoor cameras, using wired and wireless technologies.

We use the highest quality cameras and DVR/NVR recording systems, offering high capacity hard drives, dual drives, and solid state drives.  Our systems are capable of being monitored on-site, off-site, from your computer, and on any mobile device.

We also install all of the latest drop cams (standalone, Wi-Fi connected, app-controlled cameras) such as the Netgear Arlo, Nest Cam, Ring Doorbell, Ring Floodlight and Stick Up Cam (with or without Solar Power). These types of systems are a good option if a traditional camera system is out of your budget or unnecessary because you only need 1 or 2 cameras., or if wiring in your structure is too complicated or not possible.

For a free on-site evaluation and to discuss your camera needs and pricing, call our office at 561-223-2177!​

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