Custom PCs For Kids

kids building a computer

PCs are fun for adults and kids, but when kid wants a PC, we know they’re usually interested in not only the finished product, but the part selection, construction, lighting and cable management.

A special, free service that Praetas offers is to involve your child in the assembly of their new Custom PC, making it an exciting and educational experience.  From helping them plan out their computer’s specs (with of course the parents budget in mind), to having them come and assist with assembly, we make it fun and enable them to feel like they helped build something they’ll cherish for years, and bring it to life.

If you are a minor (with your parent’s permission), or know a child who wants a new Custom PC, check out our Custom PCs for Kids page HERE for more information.

Assist with Assembly

In addition to collaborating with us on the selection of parts for their PC, we allow kids to come into our office when the parts arrive and assist us in assembling their own computer. Most kids who are interested in owning a Custom PC, are interested in assembling their PC, or at least knowing what all the parts are and how they get connected.  This can also be a great educational experience and in many cases is the first opportunity they have to safely handle and assemble computer equipment, and know they cant mess anything up, or damage expensive equipment.

If you know a deserving kid, or are one (who has their parent’s permission), click the “Customize Your New PC” or “Customize Your New Laptop” buttons below to get started, or give us a call at 561-223-2177 to setup a free consultation!