Data Recovery Services

man with laptop in front of servers

Praetas can recover your most valuable data when all seems lost.  We specialize in data recovery of logical failures of drives in a variety of devices, including PCs, Macs, tablets and smart phones, or where a device will no longer power on and the storage drive is still intact, but inaccessible, or not easily booted on its own.

The two most common types of failures that necessitate recovery are physical and logical failures, and physical damage may directly cause logical failure.  Logical failure, on the other hand, doesn’t necessarily cause any physical damage – to use a simple analogy, take a piece of paper and write on it. If you tear the paper, it’s a physical failure. However, if you cover up, erase or smudge the writing on the paper, it is logical failure.

Physical failure means that the hardware itself has suffered physical damage. It is normally caused and related to malfunctions due to electrical, mechanical and material deterioration, and often noticeable by out-of-the-ordinary scratching or clicking noises. For hard disks, it has resulted in the most commonly coined term “hard disk crash” or people saying their “drive crashed”.

Logical failure means that the actual data, the bits and bytes, are either intact with a corrupt partition, or have been altered or are in some inconsistent stage, therefore blocking normal access to the data. Logical failure is the type of failure which usually results in local, quick recovery by our staff.

For Physical Failure, we are partnered with Gillware Data Recovery and will facilitate the shipment of your damaged drive to them, at no-cost to you. Gillware will evaluate your drive and let you know what data can be recovered, and for how much.  At that time, you can elect whether to pursue the repair, or have the drive returned, free of charge.

If you’re in need of data recovery, or cant access your PC or Mac because it wont turn boot up, give our office a call at 561-223-2177 to discuss your options.