In-Shop Support

man at computer desk

Unlike most IT Support providers, we have a brick and mortar storefront to allow our customers to come meet with us face-to-face, and to make available a variety of computer parts and electronics for sale.

Our most common In-Shop support services include design of Custom PC Desktops and laptops, repairs and upgrades to existing computers, data recovery, and upgrades of Operating Systems.  We also provide limited, one-on-one training on new features or to provide refreshers.  Many of our In-Shop services are flat rate and not charged hourly.

In terms of parts, we sell almost all components for desktop PCs, most peripherals including monitors, speakers, keyboards, mice and a variety of network, video, audio and data cables.

If you’re interested in arranging a consultation, a drop-off in our office, or to see if we have a particular part in stock, please call 561-223-2177 for more information.