Special Projects

security camera

Low Voltage Cabling

cables in server

Praetas is a Florida Low Voltage Licensed Contractor, meaning we can pull any cable under 98V.  That includes CAT5e and CAT6, which are the most common ethernet cables for networks, computer connections, cameras, wireless access points and more.  We also install RG6, or coaxial cable, for cable TV and certain types of camera systems.

Cameras / Surveillance

multiple surveillance cameras

Cameras are everywhere, and we help put them there!  Praetas performs various types of analog (coaxial, RG-59/BNC), and digital (IP-based) camera system installations for both residential and commercial customers, including both indoor and outdoor cameras, using wired and wireless technologies.​

We use the highest quality cameras and DVR/NVR recording systems, offering high capacity hard drives, and our systems are capable of being monitored on-site, off-site, from your computer, and on any mobile device.​

We also install all of the latest Wi-Fi connected, app-controlled cameras, such as the Ring Doorbell, Ring Floodlight and Stick Up Cam, Netgear Arlo, and Nest.  For a free on-site evaluation and to discuss your camera needs and pricing, call our office at 561-223-2177!​

Wi-Fi Systems

wifi system display

Everything from your computers to your cell phones, TVs, doorbells, lighting, irrigation, pool controls, exercise equipment and more connect via Wi-Fi and most homes and businesses rely on their internet provider’s modem to cover everything – indoor and out.  Unfortunately the range of a single device like that simply doesn’t cut it.  Praetas is the leader in hard-wired mesh access point systems to spread a single wireless network over a large square footage.  We can also install directional point-to-point networks to “beam” internet wirelessly to another location where it cant otherwise be cabled to.

So whether it’s a multi-story or large acreage home, a multi-site business, large warehouse, or just a regular structure with poor wireless coverage, we can help!  For more information, call us today!

Access Control

keypad access system

Do you live in a community or condo that have fob or clicker access to the grounds via an entry or exit gate, or access to the building or clubhouse?  Access Control is the practice of monitoring and controlling access to a building or property using modern electronic means, as opposed to old-fashioned locks and keys.  Modern access control gives an administrator the immediate ability to add or remove entry privileges to any individual through the click of a computer mouse, and Praetas helps design, implement, configure and train customers on these types of systems.

Home Theater

home theater

Whether you need a simple TV or sound bar installed, whole home SONOS system, or a custom-designed movie theater, complete with popcorn machine, Praetas can make your house the most entertaining place to be.

For businesses, Praetas installs Conference Room setups with a variety of connection options or for wireless connectivity.

Home Automation

home automation graphic

We are the leader in low cost home and voice-controlled automation, allowing you to control your lights, shades, HVAC, home theater, appliances, garage door, pool, irrigation and more from the palm of your hand or the words from your mouth.

We specialize in tying together multiple platforms and brands into a single system that users can easily and intuitively control, and we always ensure you have manual control of any device should you live with someone who doesn’t embrace technology, or just for guests who come to stay.