Boots on the Ground / Smart Hands Support

man working on server rack

Praetas performs what is called “boots on the ground” or “smart hands” support for a variety of regional, national and global companies which have their own in-house IT departments, but which can’t justify sending their IT staff to every local operation for support.  These services can include hardware troubleshooting, connection of new computers or networking equipment, or just having “technical” eyes and ears on-site to assess certain situations and problems and report them back to the main IT provider.

South Florida is a retreat for the world’s elite, and we often perform support for individuals, family offices and business executives as an extension of their primary IT support, to enable them to stay connected to their operations while enjoying our beautiful weather.

We have also helped with a variety of local and national retail and restaurant build-outs, providing assistance with technical connections, point-of-sale setup, audio / video connections and more.  In these situations there is often an on-site, company-appointed tech leading the project, and we simply follow their direction, providing extra pairs of “smart hands” and access to locally-available parts, to assist through completion of the work.

If you manage an IT department or are tasked with locating capable, local IT support for a South Florida business operation, asset, or individual, please call our office at 561-223-2177 to find out more information on how we can help.